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When a guy friend suddenly looks attractive ENG SUB • dingo kbeauty

Somewhere between shoving our faces with food and laughing at each other, I forget what I went to dinner to forget. If you find your best friend constantly stressed about a boy, take her out and show her that you don't need a guy to go dinner, just a great friend. No one should question themselves because someone doesn't see how wonderful they are. Remind your best friend that just because one person doesn't see their wonderful qualities, it doesn't automatically mean that that's they way they should see themselves. I mean, it's just the truth.

Sometimes you just have to literally tell a guy "hey, how's it goin'? Ok, so, I like you. She might cry, she might get mad, she might even be annoyed at you for no reason. But, that's ok. We all deal with things differently.

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Some deal with them loudly and in dramatic ways, and some deal with them more quietly and to themselves. However your best friend deals with these issues, just be there for them. Try not to judge them or make them feel insecure or irrelevant, but try to make them feel understood because chances are, they are confused as hell. Whoever this person may be, try not to be so biased. You may not like him, you may think he is "no good" for her, or you may think he is using her. Whatever the case may be, your opinions are irrelevant until she asks for them.

Try and put yourself in her shoes and only say things that you'd want to hear. When the time comes where she asks "well, what do you think I should do? Be honest and blunt, but don't bash her or her decisions.

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After all, she came to you to vent and she confided in you. Sometimes words just aren't enough. There are no more quotes from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" that you can give, no more Meredith Grey and Christina Yang moments to refer to, and all of your advice is starting to sound just a little redundant.

When it gets to this point, simply turn on your best friends favorite song to get hype to and just jam. Pull a Christina Yang and remind her that "he may be dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are. So, when you hear the name, pull out this article and refer to anyone of these points to help your best friend through their boy issues. I promise, they work. Analyze the situation.

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Do you do everything and go everywhere together? Boo is one of the most popular terms of endearment for a lover. He makes it his goal to lighten and energize everyone around him. Does he make you feel awesome? Then you can call him this cute pet name. Can he make you do almost anything? Does he make always make your taste buds beg for more? Is he a sweetheart?

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Would you call him your honey? Full of color and a source of delight everywhere he goes? Cherry pie without a doubt a name for him. Besides that, is he devilishly cute? Does he have a lovely brown skin? Is he your favorite morning treat?


Not to mention he is as cute as them bunnies come. It is a great nickname for a lively guy.

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He makes everything better. Is he your ultimate cuddle partner? This a name that will let him know he is just that. The name is often associated with desire or passion. It can also refer to a beautiful little guy with lots of curly hair. A guy that brings out the sweetness in you as well. You worry about his well-being at all times. It is an indicator of just how much that person means to you. By calling him this, you are telling him you are lucky to have him in your life.

A sweet name for a guy with magical hands. It is a fantastic nickname for a kind and guy. Khal — Adopted from Game of Thrones; a strong leader. For example, your younger brother or little cousin. Also, a cute short guy nickname. Magic Princess is another cute variation of this nickname.

Then call him Melody. He lights up the darkest moments. An integral part of your life? This definitely symbolizes that. A sweet, cute and innocent looking guy.

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Is he as good-looking as they come? Then you can call him Peach. Then this is a sweet pet name for him. Does he keep postponing important stuff only to furiously rush to it at the last minute?

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It is a symbol of shyness or gentleness. It refers to A guy you hold dear. A cute name for a troublesome boss-guy. Or how he always seeks solace in a quiet, peaceful environment? Is he the ray of sunlight in a dark tunnel? A good name for a confident guy, an energetic guy or a red-haired guy. He makes everything seem lively. Then this is a wonderful pet name for him. For a guy who is as gentle as a lamb.

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