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Le commandant Delgrès (French Edition) [Gustave Aimard, Dainy d. Angeles] on reckkissnoruda.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Renée est enlevée par.
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Delgres - Vivre Sur La Route (feat. Jean-Louis Aubert)

He wrote dozens of books, many about American Indians. Most of his Indian books were translated into more than ten languages. Aimard was born Olivier Aimard in Paris. As he once said, he was the son of two people who were married, "but not to each other". In the couple produced a daughter: Alatrice-Rosalba Fanny. Shortly after her birth the mother died.


Aimard was given as a baby to a family that was paid to raise him. By the age of nine or twelve he was sent off on a herring ship. Later, around , he served for a short while with the French Navy. Reconciliation with, or acknowledgement by, his biological family did not happen. After having served for a short while at the Garde Mobil Aimard left again for the Americas. This time he was among the miners hired by Duke de Raousset-Boulbon, who wanted to mine in Mexico.

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He conquered Hermosillo on 13 October The duke fell severely ill on the first night of his conquest, and the Hermosillo villagers right away re-took their village. The miners fled and Aimard again returned to France. Most of his Indian books were translated into over ten languages. Their reviews mostly deal with the question whether they would harm children or not or whether they are too bloody or not.

However, between the lines of his books many autobiographical, anthropological, and historical facts are hidden.


Writing about the-—lost-—French-German war caused Aimard to lose his readership. In Aimard and a small army of press people participated in the French-German war in which he booked a modest success the Bourget-affaire. In the literary community of Rio de Janeiro hailed him as a hero. Gustave Aimard was a popular novelist who wrote adventure stories about life on the American frontier and in Mexico.

He was the main 19th-century French practitioner of the western novel. Back to Profile. Photos Works. Main Photo.